Workers’ Compensation


If you have been injured on the job, Emmanuel Sheppard and Condon can assist you with your workers’ compensation claim.

We will work with you to ensure that you obtain all the benefits that you are entitled to under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation law including necessary medical treatment, payment of lost wages, payment of medical bills, and obtaining a settlement. At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, we have been advocates for worker’s rights for over 100 years. We’ve helped a vast number of local workers receive benefits, even when they were initially denied.

We’re ready to put our skill and expertise to work for those who have suffered injuries including:

  • Slip and Fall accidents
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Trucking accidents
  • Machinery accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Repetitive motion disorders
  • And more


Why Should You Hire an Attorney for a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

There are many reasons it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced attorney when filing your claim or appeal. With a strong attorney on your side, you have a greater chance of achieving the outcome you desire and deserve.

Here are some of the reasons a VA Disability attorney makes good sense:

  • Your claim has been denied. It’s not uncommon for insurers to initially deny benefits in case of an injury. They assume the worker won’t appeal, and often this is true. When you hire a knowledgeable attorney, you significantly increase the chances of a fair settlement.
  • Your injury prevents you from returning to work. In the case of severe injuries, some people are unable to return to their jobs or perform any job at all. This could result in you being entitled to lifetime payments, or a large settlement. You can almost count on the fact that insurance companies will fight to avoid paying excessive settlements. A skilled attorney is essential to ensure that you receive all the compensation you’re entitled to.
  • The settlement you received doesn’t cover all of your expenses. If you don’t believe your settlement is good enough, don’t settle. This is when an experienced attorney can make a real difference and help obtain the best outcome for you.

There are no fees or costs unless you receive benefits. It’s as simple as that. At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, we don’t collect a penny unless you receive the benefits you deserve. Call us or fill out the form on this page for a free consultation today

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Filing necessary documents. When filing a claim, there are plenty of forms to fill out and deadlines to meet. If the forms are not filed correctly or a deadline is missed, it could jeopardize your benefits. When you hire an experienced attorney, all the work is done for you, thoroughly, correctly, and on time.

Assembling medical evidence. Providing the necessary medical evidence is key to obtaining a successful outcome. Many people will rely on the testimony provided by a physician offered by the insurance company — this can be a costly mistake. As experienced worker’s compensation attorneys, we know how to obtain the medical evidence you need, along with how to submit it in a clear, proper way.

Obtaining the best settlement. Many employer and insurance companies will ignore the facts surrounding a case. What’s more, they might agree to offer benefits only on a limited basis. We have the knowledge to know what your case is worth and be sure you’re receiving a fair settlement that covers all of your medical care and lost wages.


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Workers’ Compensation