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Arrested for Driving on a suspended license (DWLS)?

Driving on a suspended license

If you have been arrested or received a Notice to Appear for driving on a suspended driver’s license, you can face serious consequences. Oftentimes, defendants are told that they will likely only receive a fine. However, this is rarely the case. If the State of Florida can prove that you knew your license was Suspended or Revoked when you were driving, you will face a criminal charge with the possibility of incarceration upon conviction. Furthermore, the conviction could lead to a Habitual Traffic Offender designation resulting in a 5-year driver’s license revocation. This often occurs after the criminal court only imposed a monetary fine for the criminal offense.  

If you are accused of driving on a suspended or revoked license, please contact Galen M. Novotny with Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon for a free evaluation of our case to review all possible defenses to successfully resolve the matter.