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If you’ve been involved with a construction project of any size, you know how complicated it can get. At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, so do we.

Our team of experienced Pensacola construction law attorneys can provide a full range of services to help you with your construction law and construction litigation needs. Contact us online or call today to request a consultation.


Construction Law Services We Offer

Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon has the right attorney for virtually any legal matter. If you need a Pensacola construction law lawyer, our firm can help.

Some of the most common issues we help our clients resolve include:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Construction disputes
  • Bid protests
  • Injury claims
  • Liens
  • Property damage claims
  • Government contract disputes
  • Regulatory issues

We also provide construction litigation and arbitration services to assist you with defects claims, claims prevention, delays, and regulatory issues. Everyone from architects and engineers to the contractors and developers on a project rely on our expertise. If you need a Pensacola construction litigation attorney, we can help you preserve your rights, get the compensation you are owed, and complete your projects on time.

How Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon Can Help

In a construction project, we know that you’re not just dealing with professionals; you may also be dealing with landowners and homeowners.

As a result, it is important for a construction law lawyer to have business expertise. Interpersonal communication and negotiation can make or break a construction project. Our construction law attorneys understand this and can assist you in a variety of common situations.

Breach of Contract Claims

Virtually all construction contracts involve complex agreements between the construction company performing the work and the person or business requesting the construction.

Further still, there may be contracts between suppliers, transporters, and subcontractors used on the job. If there is a breach of the terms in any of the contracts to which you are a party, we can provide construction law litigation services.

Mechanic’s Liens or Other Lien Disputes

Our Pensacola construction law attorneys have developed a strong understanding of the nuances in Florida’s construction laws. Florida’s lien laws, for example, are very complex.

Whether you’re a developer or a subcontractor, knowing who can claim a lien, when, and how, are important steps to protecting your interests. Our Pensacola construction lawyers can help you navigate these issues effectively.

Construction Defects Litigation

After a construction project is completed, a defect could exist in the design or construction of the project. For residential or commercial projects, construction defects can have serious consequences. Our construction law litigation attorneys in Florida can assist you in holding the appropriate party responsible for any defects in a construction project.

In Florida, the statute of limitations for a defect in the design or construction of a property is four years. If the defect is not immediately apparent, Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can help you determine if you can still bring a legal action after that time has passed. Because there is a limited time to file a lawsuit, it’s important to contact a Pensacola construction law lawyer as soon as possible after you discover a defect.

We Understand Florida Construction Law

Our Florida construction law attorneys have been serving Pensacola residents for more than 100 years. Our firm has the depth of experience to provide you with high-quality construction law representation at every stage.

Because construction law is so closely linked to several other areas of law, Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon understands the importance of access to legal experts in a variety of practice areas. As a full service law firm, we can help you not only with construction law, but also with OSHA compliance, personal injury claims, land use, and more.

Construction Litigation Can Be Complex

Construction law in particular can be complicated because of the number of people involved.

On top of the dozens of contracts and agreements that may be present, legal problems can add a whole new layer of stress to any construction project. By hiring a Pensacola construction law lawyer, you can take some of that weight off of your shoulders.

If You Have Questions, Our Pensacola Construction Law and Litigation Attorneys Have Answers

Do you need help with a construction law dispute or construction law litigation? No matter what the issue is, our Florida construction law attorneys are ready to help. Contact us online or call for a consultation to discuss your case and to learn more about how we can help you.