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Because governmental regulations and procedures permeate business affairs, many clients rely on Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon for assistance in trying to understand and shape governmental policy. We frequently appear on our clients’ behalf before the county, city, and state governments.

Equally important, we are experienced in proceedings before Florida’s numerous agencies, which often create the many rules and regulations affecting business and commerce. We are well acquainted with these agencies and their administrators.  Our Pensacola government and administrative law attorneys are highly effective at representing our clients in the following matters:

  • Obtaining Various Local, State, and Federal Land-Use Permits and Approvals
  • Handling Re-Zonings, Special Use, and Variance Matters
  • Advising Clients Regarding Comprehensive Plans and Concurrency Management
  • Declaratory Statements to Determine or Clarify Rights
  • Rule Making and Challenges to Agency Rules
  • Certificate of Need Proceedings
  • Representation before Local and State Regulatory Bodies involving Land Use and Growth Management