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Mediation involves meeting with the parties and helping you to reach a voluntary settlement of your dispute. The parties retain control over the terms of the settlement agreement. Arbitration is an evidentiary hearing where both parties can present witnesses and submit documentary evidence. The arbitrator reviews the evidence and renders a decision, which is legally binding.

Your Dispute Can Be Resolved Out of Court

Our goal is to help people resolve disputes out of court through mediation or arbitration. You meet with mediators to discuss the dispute and to attempt to reach a voluntary settlement of your differences. Often with the help of a mediator, you can avoid a stalemate and reach a resolution of your problem. If you cannot reach a voluntary settlement, your claim may be submitted to arbitration. 

If submitted to arbitration, the arbitrator will then conduct a hearing, listen to and review the evidence presented by each party, and render a legally binding decision. Sometimes people cannot resolve disputes on their own and are at an impasse in the settlement process. Our Pensacola mediation and arbitration lawyers offer an affordable alternative to court litigation and may give you a new perspective to find a creative and amicable resolution to your dispute.