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Many people have heard the term mediation but do not know exactly what mediation is. Mediation offers individuals an alternative forum where they can try to resolve legal issues themselves, without having the outcome decided by a judge, jury, or arbitrator.

A neutral third party, known as the mediator, helps you discuss, and analyze your issues and concerns, but unlike a judge, does not hold the authority to make decisions in the mediation process regarding the outcome of your case. Some people find themselves in mediation after a court order, while others elect for mediation on their own accord. In most cases, you and the opposing party can select the mediator that will work with you to resolve your case.

At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, our team of Pensacola mediators knows the rules of mediation and has experience helping parties reach a voluntary agreement. Contact our office today so we can help you find an amicable resolution to your dispute.

Why Would I Need a Pensacola Mediator?

In most cases, either a court orders parties to undergo mediation or the parties seek out mediation services on their own. You can try to resolve almost any legal dispute through mediation. In some cases, usually because of a contract provision, attempting to come to an agreement through mediation is required before taking your case to a judge.

In any dispute, emotions between the parties involved typically run high, as both parties often believe they are right. A mediator serves as a neutral, disinterested party who can help you focus on resolving your dispute instead of getting bogged down by the negative feelings you have toward the other party.

Pensacola mediators are bound by Florida law to keep the content of your mediation confidential, subject to limited exceptions.

What Benefits Does Mediation Offer Over Litigation?

Mediation offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility to craft your own settlement agreement,
  • Confidentiality throughout the mediation process,
  • Faster resolution than a typical court case,
  • Less expensive than going to court,
  • You hold the final decision-making authority,
  • Avoiding the uncertainty of trial.

Depending on the circumstances of your dispute, electing mediation instead of going to court can save you significant time, stress, and money. Ultimately, this combination of reasons usually means that mediation simply provides an easier and more efficient way to resolve a dispute. In the end, that’s what most people are looking for—as opposed to protracted litigation that eats up time and resources, not to mention causing a lot of emotional chaos.

As noted, in some mediation proceedings, you have a say as to which mediator you choose. When you go to court, you cannot request that a certain judge presides over your case.

Does Mediation Always Work?

In some cases, the parties engaged in mediation are unable to make compromises necessary to come to a voluntary agreement. When this happens, if your mediation was court-ordered, the mediator will report to the court that no agreement was reached during the process.

How to Prepare for Mediation in Pensacola, FL

While mediation is less formal than litigation, you still want to arrive at your mediation prepared. Preparation for Pensacola mediation typically involves:

  • Consulting with an attorney with legal questions about your case,
  • Gathering any information relevant to your dispute,
  • Arriving at the mediation on time and willing to negotiate,
  • Setting goals for the outcome you want to achieve, and
  • Being willing to listen to the other party in order to evaluate the risks associated with your position.

Going into a mediation prepared gives you the best opportunity to come to a voluntary agreement.

What Sets Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon Apart from Other Pensacola Mediators?

As stated above, you might have the opportunity to choose the mediator that presides over your dispute. But how will you know what to look for in a Pensacola mediator? One important trait for a mediator to have is experience.

At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, our mediators have many years of experience as litigators and practicing attorneys. By conducting numerous mediations, from simple matters to complex, they continue to develop their mediation skills. Just because you have a dispute does not mean you need to file a lawsuit right away. If you are looking for a Pensacola mediator, look no further. Our team at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon is here to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you.