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Getting Your Business Affairs in Order



If you are a business owner, we advise you to get properly prepared and executed documents in place that:

1. Authorize who can run the business in your absence and give them what they need from you to run the business.

2. If you have a co-owner, agree in advance of a problem on what should happen:

    a. If one of you does not work as hard as they should,
    b. If one of you wants out of the business,
    c. If one of you becomes disabled,
    d. If one of you dies, (Do you want to co-own the business with another deceased owners’ heirs?)
    e. If you die, what should your heirs receive from the business.

3. Consider if an insurance product is right for your business, such as key man life, business interruption, contingent business interruption, event cancellation and general liability insurance. Get verification by a review of the insurance policy if it will cover the short falls you foresee need to be covered. For example, a business interruption policy may exclude coverage for a loss from a viral pandemic but may cover a loss of business caused by a fire.

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