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How Wrongful Death Cases Differ From Typical Personal Injury Cases

In wrongful death cases, there are many more legal mechanics and expertise required than in a normal injury case. Florida personal injury Attorney T. Shane Rowe explains the differences in greater detail in the video below:

How do wrongful death cases differ from other injury cases?

One of the big differences between a wrongful death case and a normal injury case in Florida is the legal mechanics of how it is pursued. You may think that if someone passes away in an accident or an injury situation that you can just bring a claim on their behalf against the wrongdoer.

Florida law requires specific things, such as opening an estate, a personal representative to be appointed for that estate, and a personal representative to be appointed for the survivors of the person that has died.

What are some of the challenges of wrongful death cases?

At first glance, the challenges in a wrongful death case are obvious. You’re dealing with a catastrophic, emotionally charged situation where many people in the family are unaware of what rights they do or do not have when a loved one passes away.

One of the first things as attorneys, especially at Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon, is that we have lawyers in-house who can open up an estate, appoint a personal representative to represent that estate and the survivors, and serve as experienced wrongful death attorneys for other matters–all under the same roof.

We find that in an emotionally charged situation, it is positive for family and loved ones to be able to handle everything, all in one law firm. If you and your family are experiencing the aftermath of a wrongful death accident, please contact us today at 850-444-4878 for a free case evaluation.