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Safety Tips While Driving

  1. If possible, have a cell phone in case of emergencies. But don’t try to talk on the phone while driving – it’s a good idea to turn your phone off before you start driving and let people leave messages.
  2. Children 12 and under should ride properly restrained in the back seat. Each year motor vehicle crashes claim the lives of close to 1,800 children under 14, and more than a quarter of a million more are injured.
  3. Make sure your teen gets plenty of supervised driving time. While Florida’s graduated driving laws require 40 hours of supervised driving – studies show that 50 hours of supervised driving time during the first six months of a teen’s learning curve result in a more responsible young driver.
  4. Nighttime driving for extended lengths of time have been known to cause “Highway Hypnosis” so remember to always drive sober and well-rested. It’s also a good idea to stop every few hours and take a break.
  5. Drive defensively – be alert for runners, bikers and pedestrians – you never know what they might do or which direction they may take.
  6. Don’t tailgate. Always leave a “two second” cushion between you and the car in front of you. Think ahead – the driver two cars ahead may suddenly decide to hit the brakes, change lanes or you may be distracted yourself. Always be watching for cars in front, behind and to the side of you.
  7. Please drive the speed limit. While you may know the speed limits on your regularly driven roadways, be aware that posted speed limits will be reduced at construction sites and speeding fines are usually doubled when workers are on the roadway.
  8. Wear your seat belt – all the time! Seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45% in a car and 60% in a light truck.