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The Use of Medical Experts in Personal Injury Cases

When someone suffers a serious injury, they often need to work with several doctors and other medical practitioners to heal. They might need the services of a surgeon if they require emergency surgery. They will probably need to work with a specialist and their primary care physician for follow-up care. If they experienced emotional injuries due to their traumatic incident, they might also need to work closely with a mental health counselor.

In addition to needing the services of these healthcare workers to treat their acute and chronic injuries, someone injured at the hands of another person might also need the services of other medical professionals in a civil claim against the wrongdoer who hurt them.

If you have questions about the use of medical experts in personal injury cases, a seasoned local attorney could offer your guidance.

Understanding the Role of Medical Experts

Expert witnesses are qualified professionals in their field of practice who testify on one party’s behalf in court proceedings or at trial. They are considered experts due to their experience, skill, training, and knowledge in their relevant fields. Expert witnesses can use their specialized knowledge to help juries and judges understand the evidence and determine disputed issues in cases.

Medical experts in personal injury cases can testify about a claimant’s injuries. They can use their experience and background to explain how an injury likely occurred, the medical care involved to treat the injury, and the claimant’s likely prognosis. A medical expert can give a qualified opinion about whether the claimant will have any permanent disabilities or impairments because of their injuries.

Experienced attorneys can offer knowledgeable advice about how a medical expert could help in a particular civil claim.

Types of Medical Experts Who Testify in Personal Injury Claims

Not every medical professional can qualify as a medical expert in every personal injury case. Only healthcare professionals in the relevant field can testify about particular types of injuries. For instance, a cardiac surgeon who works with heart conditions would not be qualified to testify about a claimant’s broken arm. The type of medical professional who can work as an expert in any particular case depends on the kind of injury a claimant experienced and the medical treatment the injury caused the claimant to need.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Motor vehicle crashes and other accidents often result in broken bones and other orthopedic injuries. Orthopedic surgeons can testify about the cause of injury. They can also speak about what kinds of medical treatment the injury might require, such as surgical repairs and hip or knee replacements. They can also give their opinion about any long-lasting mobility impairments of an injury.


Neurosurgeons specialize in the human nervous system. They can testify about back, neck, and brain injuries. For example, neurosurgeons can render their opinion about how a spinal cord injury could have occurred and how it might affect the claimant’s future.

Mental Health Experts

Some medical experts can also testify about a claimant’s emotional or mental damages stemming from the accident that caused their injuries. Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment in life are common forms of emotional and mental injuries suffered by people in accidents or incidents resulting in personal injury claims. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and licensed mental health counselors can testify about a claimant’s emotional suffering that accompanies their physical injuries. Mental health experts can help juries understand post-traumatic stress and other emotional trauma that an accident can cause.

Well-practiced legal professionals could review a person’s injuries to determine which type of medical expert could help in their specific case.

Talk to a Florida Lawyer to Learn More about Medical Experts in Personal Injury Claims

Qualified medical professionals have the experience, training, and background necessary to help juries understand how an accident caused an injury. They can also help explain the severity of injuries.

If you experience an injury, talk to a local attorney about the use of medical experts in personal injury cases. They could help you locate the right medical expert who could assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.