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What Happens When You’re Hit By an Uninsured Driver in Florida?

Car accidents are never an easy experience, but the situation can become much more complicated if the driver that hits you is uninsured.

If you are hit by an uninsured driver in Florida, do you know what your options are?

At the law office of Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon our highly skilled personal injury attorneys are here to help you navigate the complexities of an uninsured driver case and get you the compensation you deserve for the harm caused by an accident.

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Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

In Florida, it is against the law to drive without auto insurance and drivers caught without car insurance can face serious penalties for the offense. The minimum car insurance requirements mandate that a driver keeps $10,000 in bodily injury coverage for one person, $20,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident, and $10,000 in property damage coverage.

Failure to do so can result in driver’s license suspension or revocation as well as serious fines and fees. However, that does not deter all drivers, and in Florida there are unfortunately many drivers that are on the road without the proper insurance coverage.

What To Do with an Uninsured Driver

In a car accident case where both drivers maintain the proper level of car insurance, the victim would make a claim to their insurer and the other party’s insurer to cover the costs of the accident, including all medical bills and associated expenses. However, if the other driver does not have insurance the situation can turn out much differently.

Depending on your personal coverage, your insurance company will cover most of the costs related to your accident, including medical expenses and property damage. However, if there is a gap between what your insurer is willing to cover and the costs of the accident, you may be forced to sue the uninsured driver personally for the remainder of the costs.

Payment from an uninsured driver can be collected in many different ways. The most common means of collecting damages from an uninsured driver include setting the person on a payment schedule, garnishing wages, placing liens on all non-homestead real estate property, seizing personal property, and garnishing the uninsured driver’s bank account. Their driver’s license can also be suspended until the remaining compensation is paid to the victim of the accident.

Talk to a Lawyer Today

Before you speak with an insurance adjuster about your accident, be sure to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney first. In cases of uninsured motorists, the insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. They will often try to settle the case for as little as possible as quickly as possible, especially if the insurer knows that it cannot recoup its costs from the other driver’s insurer. An attorney will protect your claim and defend your rights through this process.

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