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Elements of a Bus Accident

Thousands of people take buses every day. It stands to reason that with this number of riders, there are dozens of buses on Pensacola roads and highways at any given time. When a vehicle and a bus collide, or a bus strikes a pedestrian, victims may left wondering who is liable.

In order to have a successful personal injury case, a victim must meet several elements. A bus accident is no different. If the accident was caused by another vehicle, any personal injury lawsuit will be directed against that driver. However, if the crash was caused by the bus driver, the case is treated a bit differently. When a victim takes a driver or bus company owner to court seeking compensation, the victim must be able to prove:

  1. Duty: This is also called duty of care. There is a reasonable expectation of passengers on a bus and drivers on a road to not be exposed to harm due to a bus driver’s negligence. The bus driver has a duty to follow traffic laws and keep people safe.
  2. Breach: The bus driver breached their duty in some way. The breach of that duty caused harm to someone.
  3. Causation: A victim’s attorney must be able to prove that the driver’s negligence is what caused the injuries.
  4. Damages: Once an attorney is able to prove the first three elements, they must then prove that the injuries the victim sustained were a direct result of those three elements.

Any person who is injured in a bus accident should seek the advice of an experienced attorney. An attorney can assist a victim in determining what type of compensation they are entitled to and how much their case may be worth.