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How Do I Prepare My Oil Spill Case?

When a person discovers that they have a right to compensation following an oil spill, they often wonder how they should prepare their case. An experienced attorney will help you with these steps and ensure that you file the proper paperwork and present the necessary evidence. Typically, the following is what you will be asked to do or gather.

  1. Contact an Attorney

A claims process has been established through the Oil Pollution Act. If you have been affected by an oil spill, the first step is to contact an attorney. An experienced oil spill litigation attorney will review your case at no cost to you and advise you of the next steps.

  1. Your Rights to a Claim

There is a group of people who may be due compensation after an oil spill. This group includes owners of hotels, restaurants, bars, commercial fishing businesses, owners of waterfront property and more. Businesses and individuals who have sustained financial loss due to an oil spill may have the right to file a lawsuit.

  1. Prepare Records

Once an attorney determines that you have a case, you will be asked to gather documents that can prove your financial loss. These may include tax documents, records of cancellations, money spent to repair your property, information regarding employees’ statuses, and more. Your attorney will tell you what is needed.

If you have been negatively impacted by an oil spill off the Florida coast, reach out to an experienced attorney in Pensacola.