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What Is a Burn Case?

When a person is burned in some type of accident, the aftermath can be devastating. The severity of the burn will dictate how long a person must undergo medical care, how long it will be before they can return to work, and if their daily lives are negatively impacted.

When a person is burned due to the error or negligence of someone else, they have the right to seek compensation by filing a burn case in civil court. When consumer products do not work as intended or people to not behave in a manner that is considered safe, accident can result. Unfortunately, some of these accidents include burns to the victim.

Types of Burns

First-Degree: This type of burn affects the outer layers of the skin. The skin is irritated and red. Most first-degree burns heal on their own.

Second Degree: These burns travel to the second layer of skin. The victim will have red or clear blisters on the area of skin that has been exposed.

Third Degree: These burns travel to the subcutaneous layers of skin. These burns leave significant scarring.

Fourth Degree: When burns reach muscle and other tissue, they are said to be fourth degree. In many cases, these burns are fatal.

Any burn victim in Pensacola should reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney for assistance. A victim may be entitled to compensation for the injuries they suffer and for any property damage they incur.