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Pensacola Hit and Run

What is a Hit and Run?

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Any time a person is involved in a car accident in Pensacola, they have a duty to stop and wait for police to arrive. In the event that police are not called, the person must still stop and speak with the other driver. If a person fails to stop after an accident and drives off, they can be charged with hit and run.

After a person is involved in a crash that results in damage to a person or property, they must stop and report the accident to law enforcement. If a person does not stop as soon as the crash occurs, they must stop as soon as it is safe to do so. They are also required to return to the scene of the accident. People involved in an accident are required to exchange identifying information at a minimum.

Even if the damage to a person or property is minimal, you can still be charged with hit and run. In these instances, the charge will most likely be a misdemeanor. When the damage to a person or property is severe, the hit and run could be charged as a felony. In the event that a person dies in the accident, the at-fault party could also be charged with vehicular homicide.

When a person is involved in an accident and suffers injury, they may have the legal right to recover damages. A person may sue the at-fault party for medical bills, lost wages and more. Any person involved in a crash in Pensacola should consult with a car accident attorney experienced in personal injury law. Call us at 850-444-4878 or, contact us online for a free consultation.