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What is a Licensee?

Under the terms of premise liability law, a licensee is someone who has permission to be on the property of another. The person is on the property with the permission of the owner of the property. A licensee ma visit the property of purposes other than conducting business.

For example, a person may hold a celebration at their home and invite several friends and family members. Each of these people would be considered a licensee. A person may enter a convenience store when they get lost and need directions. That person would also be a licensee. All of these people have permission to be on the property, that permission was granted by the property owner, and none of these people was attempting to conduct business.

When a person sustains an injury on someone’s property, they have the right, under law, to seek compensation for damages in civil court. Whether or not a property owner is liable for these injuries depends on whether the injured party was a licensee, an invitee or a trespasser. A property owner has varying levels of duty of care to each of these people.

In many cases, a property owner will be found liable for a person’s injuries if the owner knew that there were dangerous conditions present on the property, the owner could not reasonably expect that the licensee knew of the hazards, there was no warning given regarding the danger, and the licensee had no idea of the risk.

When a person is injured on the property of another in Pensacola, they should seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.