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What is a Negligent Security Case?

When a person is a victim of crime, negligent security may be to blame. Negligent security cases are heard under premise liability law. When a person is injured on someone’s property, they may have the elements necessary to bring this third-party case to court.

When a person owns or cares for a property, they have a duty to ensure that any hazards are taken care of properly. They are tasked with the responsibility of keeping visitors and tenants safe. Crime is one of those hazards. A property owner must provide security in such a way that crime is prevented. While crime cannot be eliminated, a property owner must take steps to reduce the chances of it occurring.

For example, a person who rents an apartment may be able to take steps to ensure that the inside of their apartment is safe, but they have no control over common areas, stairwells, or parking lots. When the owner of the building fails to install adequate lighting, secured entryways or other measures and a tenant falls victim to crime that results in injury, the victim may be able to sue the property owner for negligent security.

If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in Pensacola as the result of a crime, reach out to an experienced premise liability attorney. An attorney can review the facts of your case and help you determine if you have the legal elements needed for a successful lawsuit.