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What is a soft tissue injury?

When ligaments, tendons or muscles are subjected to overuse or trauma, a person is said to have sustained a soft tissue injury. These types of injuries typically occur when a person is the victim of an accident. For example, you may slip and fall on an icy sidewalk and “pull” a muscle in your back. In other cases, soft tissue injuries can be the result of a vehicle collision. Whatever their cause,soft tissue injuries can be uncomfortable at the least and painful at their most severe.

When a person sustains a soft tissue injury, they may experience stiffness, pain and swelling. There may or may not be visible bruising to the area of injury. How quickly a person recovers from a soft tissue injury depends on their current state of health, age and the severity of the injury. A minor pull or strain will heal more quickly than a complete tear.

Once a soft tissue injury is diagnosed, treatment typically includes limited use and rest. A doctor may indicate that ice can help to relieve pain and swelling. A compression bandage and elevation may also be forms of treatment. As with any injury, the location and severity will be considered when a doctor is determining the best treatment options.

Many soft tissue injuries can be treated at home, but those that are more severe may require hospitalization. If you have incurred medical bills due to a soft tissue injury sustained in Pensacola due to someone’s negligence, an experienced attorney can assist you.