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What is a Tree Fall Case?

In the city of Pensacola and elsewhere throughout Florida, property owners have a duty to take care of their land. Visitors must be kept free from hazard, particularly those who have permission to be or business to conduct on the property. When a person is injured, they may have a case against the property owner.

One such case is a tree fall case. This type of personal injury case may arise when a person is walking on a property and a tree falls either on them or in their immediate path, causing an injury. When this occurs, it is typical for people to wonder if the tree fall is considered an act of nature or if there is someone to blame. The answer is that it depends on the unique situation.

When a tree falls and causes injury, a person may decide to file a lawsuit in civil court. There will be several factors considered by the judge in the case. The presiding judge will want to know if the tree was on the property originally or if it was placed there by the property owners. The judge will also consider whether the injured party was on the property by invitation or was trespassing. The judge may also consider the tree’s proximity to public walkways.

Because there are so many facts taken into consideration in a tree fall case, it is important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney to determine whether or not you have a case for damages.