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What Is An Oil Spill?

There have been several major oil spills off the coast of Florida in the past decades, prompting people to wonder what type of impact the accidents will have on them and their families. The good news is that the oil will not prove fatal to humans, nor will it cause any type of serious harm.

When oil spills, people in the immediate area are understandably concerned. While marine life is certainly affected in a negative way, humans are not. Humans know and are able to stay out of the water outside of helping with cleanup efforts. Even eating fish or other marine life exposed to the spill would not pose a serious threat to humans.

When humans are exposed to oil in amounts that are typically released in an oil spill, they may experience a rash on the area of skin that has come into contact with the oil. It is recommended that anyone who may come in contact with oil released during a spill wear long pants and long sleeves in order to minimize their contact with the substance.

While there is no immediate danger posed by an oil spill as it pertains to humans, no one is sure of the long-term effects of exposure. If you have been exposed to an oil spill in Pensacola, contact a personal injury attorney for assistance. An attorney can review the details of your exposure and help you determine if you may be entitled to compensation under current state law.