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What is negligent entrustment?

You can be held legally liable for a vehicle accident, even if you were nowhere in the vehicle. When you loan your vehicle to someone in Pensacola and they cause an accident, you could be charged with negligent entrustment. Before you give your keys to anyone, make sure that you know not only that they are licensed, but that they are a safe driver.

Typically, a negligent entrustment case arises when a vehicle owner hands over their keys to someone who is not legally permitted drive. In many cases, the person driving has a suspended license.

For example: Your spouse was charged with DUI and had their license revoked. You don’t have time to get them to work, so you give them the keys instead. On the way to work, your spouse causes an accident in which someone is injured. Not only will your spouse be charged in the accident, but you could be charged as well.

You can also be charged with negligent entrustment as a business owner if one of your employees causes an accident in a company vehicle and that employee is not legally permitted to drive. If they were driving in the scope of their employment, you could be charged criminally and pursued civilly.

If you have been involved in a vehicle collision and have questions about your legal rights, an experienced attorney can assist you. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills and more. You may also recover compensation for property damage.