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What types of injuries are in a personal injury case?

There are different types of injuries that may lead to a personal injury case. Any time someone is injured in the course of an accident that is deemed to be the fault of another person, they are entitled to file a lawsuit for compensation. While people who sustain minor injuries may not typically file lawsuits, those who sustain major injury or harm do. A person should not be financially harmed because of someone’s negligence or error. Typical injuries that are involved in these types of cases include:

  • Injuries that are sustained in car accidents
  • Injuries sustained in pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Injuries that are sustained in the workplace
  • Injuries or harm that is incurred at the hands of a medical professional
  • Injuries caused by a product that malfunctions or is faultily made

There is no law that dictates that types of injuries that are compensable, providing those injuries are caused by someone else. When a person is injured in Pensacola, it is their option to file a lawsuit. When a person suffers an injury that requires medical attention, time off work or pain and suffering, they may determine it is in their best interest to seek compensation.

An attorney experienced in personal injury law can assist a victim in determining whether or not they have the elements necessary to prove their case in court. If you have been injured in Pensacola, reach out to a personal injury attorney today.