Proactive Solutions

 A significant portion of our practice is to work hand-in-hand with our clients to find strategies and solutions to avoid litigation. From employment policy audits to policy development and management training, we focus on positive employee relations so that our clients and their employees remain productive.

We routinely offer educational programs to our client’s management team and employees to help keep our clients up‑to‑date on the law and thereby avoid litigation.

We help many corporate clients create, evaluate or update employment procedures. We are proud to say these policies and procedures reflect far more than just current legal requirements and are carefully crafted to reflect each client’s unique corporate culture.

We share our clients’ enthusiasm for their businesses – whether those businesses are manufacturing companies, financial institutions, professional associations, automobile dealers, utility companies, general contractors or real estate developers.

We make it a point to learn the basics of every industry we serve, so the advice we offer will work in a commercial context and not just a legal one. Nevertheless, when the need arises our team is prepared to handle all phases of employment litigation from administrative claims through trial and appeal if necessary. 

We share our clients’ concern for reducing costs. That’s why we devote ourselves to providing legal services that are not only effective but cost-efficient.

Once corporate clients retain us, we let them know exactly how we calculate our fees, and we provide them with an estimate whenever possible. We also strive to set fair and reasonable fees and keep costs down by performing services as quickly and efficiently as we can without impairing the quality of service.

Our Firm provides comprehensive employment law focused on representing our clients in all areas of employment law, including:  

  • Workforce Management
  • Compliance with Labor Laws                    
  • Litigation Support and Prevention
  • Litigation


  • R. Bradley Adams
  • Erick M. Drlicka
  • Adam J. White