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Every vehicle has blind spots that can increase the risk of a terrible crash if the driver does not take care to properly observe these areas. In the case of a commercial truck, these blind spots are not only larger, but there are more of them.

A careless truck driver who fails to check their blind spots can cause an accident that inflicts grave injuries upon multiple motorists. An attorney can help victims of blind-spot truck accidents in Pace determine liability and file a lawsuit against the negligent party or parties. Call Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon today to discuss your legal rights after a collision with a tractor-trailer.

Leading Causes of Blind-Spot Truck Collisions

Semi-trucks have several massive blind spots to be aware of, and driving in these areas can result in serious danger if the operator of the truck is not paying attention. These blind spots include most of the right side of the truck, the forward left area of the truck, and the front area of the cab. Blind spots also exist in the area immediately behind the trailer of the vehicle and from the driver’s door to the back of the truck.

Truck drivers should be sufficiently trained to not only wield these commercial vehicles with care, but to manage blind spots appropriately. Otherwise, a serious and even deadly accident can ensue. Truck wrecks involving blind spots often involve rollover collisions, head-on crashes, or accidents that occur during a lane change.

Leading causes of blind-spot truck collision in Pace include:

When a blind-spot truck accident happens, numerous parties may be considered legally at fault.

Besides the truck driver, the company they work for could also be found liable in a personal injury case for compensation. If the accident resulted from improper maintenance, a third-party vendor could also be legally responsible for your injuries. Sometimes, a vehicle defect contributes to a blind-spot collision, which could make the truck manufacturer liable.

What to Do After a Blind-Spot Truck Accident

If you are able, it is important to call the police to the scene of the truck accident so they can make a crash report. If you can obtain insurance information from the truck driver or take photos of any damage or injuries, these could also prove to be extremely helpful forms of evidence.

Your health and safety are the highest priority in the aftermath of a blind-spot truck wreck in Pace. Be sure to get medical treatment as soon as possible. Waiting to get treatment will not only worsen your injuries but could also complicate matters if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Next, you should speak with a qualified attorney. A seasoned legal professional can uncover the chain of events that led to the accident and identify who is legally culpable.

Strict time limitations apply to these claims, as most individuals injured in roadway crashes have just two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. It is wise to speak with a lawyer immediately to ensure you preserve any potential right to sue and recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Contact a Pace Blind-Spot Truck Accident Attorney at Our Firm

If you have been injured by a truck driver’s negligence, the team of dedicated legal professionals at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can help. We can launch an in-depth investigation to determine liability for blind-spot truck accidents in Pace, and help you file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the truck driver, their employer, or any other responsible party involved.

Our attorneys can fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve, allowing you to focus on healing from your injuries and moving forward from the accident. Give us a call today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.