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When someone suffers a burn, their lives can change forever. They can experience excruciating physical pain that can linger for months or even years. In addition to immediate emergency medical treatment, they might need surgeries, follow-up care, and therapy. Their physical and emotional injuries could have a long-term debilitating impact on their lives.

They might also need assistance paying for their medical and other expenses.

When someone else’s actions led to your burns, a Pensacola burn injury lawyer could help pursue compensation for your losses. Reach out today to speak with one of our compassionate catastrophic injury attorneys about your case.

Causes of Burns

Although many people think all burns come from a fire’s flames, people can experience burns from many different sources. Burns can occur from accidents in people’s homes, workplaces or job sites, car crashes, and many other places.

Building Fires

People suffer burns in residential and commercial buildings for a wide variety of reasons. Fires often start from carelessness, such as a discarded cigarette. They can also occur from cooking problems, electrical malfunctions, misfunctioning heaters, or intentional arson.

Defective Products

Malfunctioning products can overheat or catch fire. They can also lead to electrical burns. A proactive legal team could determine whether the problem occurred due to a design or production defect or if insufficient warning labels caused a product to be unreasonably dangerous.

Automobile Wrecks

Fuel spills in a car crash can lead to a fast-spreading fire. A diligent lawyer could investigate a motor vehicle accident to see what caused it and who is responsible. They could pursue a suit against an at-fault driver for negligent driving or against the city for failing to repair road defects.

Chemical Accidents

Chemical burns can occur at worksites if employers and responsible parties fail to adhere to safety regulations and take proper precautions. They can also happen in people’s homes from bleach and other household cleaning products.

Electrical Accidents

Electrical burns can develop from contact with live wires, such as downed power lines.

All burns can have severe consequences. A skilled Pensacola burn injury attorney could work closely with a burn survivor and their family to help them through this challenging time.

Long-Term Effects and Complications from Burns

Many burn patients experience physical and emotional problems that last far after the initial accident that caused their burn.

Physical Complications

Some burn patients experience chronic pain. Even with early intervention medical care, some people’s skin and tissues never fully heal. Scar tissues can cause pain and impairment. They might experience chronic tightening of their skin, muscles, and tissues, which could lead to mobility limitations. Burn patients can also experience respiratory issues from smoke inhalation.

Emotional Complications

Burns survivors often experience psychological trauma from their terrifying experiences. They can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression due to their physical limitations and disfiguring scars.

A dedicated burn injury lawyer in Pensacola could work tirelessly to fight for a settlement that would take into account all of a burn patient’s medical and emotional needs.

Let a Pensacola Burn Injury Attorney Help You

Burn injuries can interfere with every aspect of your life. Instead of spending time with your family and friends, you might need to fight through painful physical therapy and rehabilitation. Even with the best possible medical care, you might face permanent disfigurement and other impairments.

Let a Pensacola burn injury lawyer assist you. Set up an initial consultation with our firm to learn if you have a viable legal claim.