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Paralysis is a life-altering injury. Your whole life and future will automatically and dramatically shift course. Unfortunately, there are several causes of paralysis in Pensacola—many of which involve someone else’s negligence, misconduct, or recklessness. If your paralysis occurred because of another person or entity’s mistake, you might be able to seek financial damages in a civil personal injury lawsuit.

A dedicated attorney at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon could meet with you to review the facts of your accident and determine if you have a viable legal claim for compensation.

What Is Paralysis?

Paralysis is the loss of sensation and ability to control all or a portion of the body. Depending on the degree of paralysis, paralyzed patients often need to modify how they live. If their paralysis is paraplegia and they retain the full functioning of their arms, they might be able to continue to live independently. However, they might need a wheelchair or other accommodative device to get around. They might need to buy a special vehicle to drive and renovate their home to make it more handicapped accessible or move to a house with one-floor living.

If the patient experiences quadriplegia and is unable to move their arms or legs, they might need more specialized care and require assistance with their everyday tasks. Some patients require round-the-clock nursing care and assistance.

Our compassionate Pensacola attorneys understand how traumatic paralysis can be and can work closely with you to learn how the injury has affected you and your family. With this information, we can pursue a comprehensive damages award that could help you pay for the care and assistance you need today and in the future.

How Paralysis Occurs

Paralysis can occur due to medical conditions or traumatic injuries.

Medical Causes of Paralysis

Some people develop paralysis due to degenerative medical conditions, such as ALS or multiple sclerosis. Other patients can experience paralysis after an acute medical event, such as a stroke. While tragic and life-changing, when paralysis occurs because of a medical condition or event, there is usually no legal recourse option available to the patient because nobody else did anything that caused the paralysis.

Traumatic Injuries to the Spine

Most legal cases that revolve around paralysis involve situations where an individual becomes paralyzed due to an injury to their central nervous system, such as their spinal cord or brain. When a person experiences an injury to their spinal cord, their brain can no longer transmit signals to the rest of the body regarding movement and sensation.

Most commonly, traumatic spinal injuries resulting in paralysis occur from the following:

Regardless of how your paralysis developed, if it happened because of someone else’s negligence or misconduct, the at-fault party should be legally responsible for the cost of your injuries. Our diligent lawyers in Pensacola can help you hold them accountable.

Talk to a Pensacola Attorney About the Common Causes of Paralysis

There are many different potential causes of paralysis in Pensacola. If your paralysis occurred because somebody else made a mistake, you deserve quality and experienced legal assistance to help you through this challenging time. The qualified legal professionals at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can investigate your accident, determine who is responsible, and negotiate for a fair settlement or damages award. Call now to get started.