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Truckers who break the law while driving should not be on the road. Their thoughtless conduct, unfortunately, causes many devastating and life-altering crashes. Fortunately, legal remedies are available to hold these bad actors and the organizations they work for accountable for their careless and reckless actions.

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic damages from an 18-wheeler collision, a skilled truck crash attorney at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon could advise you on your legal options. Our lawyers have experience litigating cases following serious injury truck accidents in Pensacola.

Tractor-Trailer Collisions Often Result in Severe Consequences

Traffic accidents in Pensacola involving heavy commercial vehicles frequently result in serious injuries to anyone involved in the crash.

For example, suppose the operator of an 18-wheeler carrying a diesel engine fuel is smoking a cigarette and scrolling through apps on his phone as he drives. As he approaches an intersection, he notices a tree branch in the road, and because he is distracted, he does not break in time. He swerves, and his vehicle takes up both lanes, resulting in a pile-up accident.

An innocent person involved in the crash sustains third-degree burns after their car catches on fire. A large portion of the burns are to their face and neck; they now must have multiple facial reconstruction surgeries. This person could file a personal injury claim demanding damages for disfigurement, vehicle destruction, and any present and anticipatory surgeries and expenses deriving from their injuries.

Horrendous events like this occur to individuals at a rate they should not. A Pensacola serious injury truck attorney could help those involved in such traumatic crashes seek justice.

The Illegal Actions of Truckers

Under Florida Statutes § 316.305, it is a crime to type letters, symbols, or numbers into a wireless communication device while driving. With our city being a popular spot for work and tourism, texting on highways is one of many illegalities done by inattentive drivers, including long-haul truckers. Big riggers are also known to cause accidents because they are driving while under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.

No matter what type of negligence specifically led to a crash, a proactive Pensacola serious injury truck crash lawyer could collect the evidence necessary to establish a truck driver or company’s fault—such as by issuing subpoenas to get the trucker’s phone records or trucking log.

Legal Options Available to Those Who Suffer Serious Injuries

One can pursue several legal paths after a collision with an at-fault trucker to collect amends. Since the wrongdoer is an employee, the trucking company and a possible third-party manufacturer could also be legally responsible.

One legal option is for the injured person and their attorney to communicate with the liable driver’s insurance provider to get automatic PIP payments. Personal injury protection (PIP) benefits cover $10,000 for medical, disability, and property damage. There is also $5,000 in death benefits when the crash results in loss of life under Florida Statutes § 627.736.

PIP is a requirement for all individuals operating vehicles in Florida. Insurers can attempt to quickly offer a settlement with PIP minimums in exchange for the injured party signing a form releasing the trucking corporation and negligent trucker. Please do not agree to anything without speaking to a qualified lawyer.

A severe injury is likely to cost far more than the PIP amount. By signing something, a person could be left with covering the cost of:

  • Medical operations, treatments, and supplies
  • Continuous care
  • Living expenses
  • Emotional distress
  • Personal property
  • Much more

Legal counsel could petition the court to get a jury decision or judge opinion and order requiring all responsible offenders to cover the costs of all present and future expenses an injured person suffers due to their serious injuries following a semi-truck crash in Pensacola.

A dedicated attorney could also help persons and relatives guard against predatory insurers and finger-pointing commercial vehicle businesses.

Call a Pensacola Serious Injury Truck Accident Attorney

We can take your call and help you pursue legal action following serious injury truck accidents in Pensacola. A copy of the incident report is optional when speaking with us. We could talk with the police department to get the report and other essential information.

Reach out today, so one of our experienced legal professionals can aid you in exercising your legal rights.