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Florida commercial real estate transactions involve buying, selling, investing in, or developing a property. These transactions are fraught with front-end negotiations, followed by title and permit issues, and can end in chaos if all the initial steps are not handled correctly.

You should have a Pensacola commercial real estate attorney if you are involved in commercial real estate transactions or litigation. Please don’t hesitate to call or contact us online for assistance.

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Does Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon Have Experienced Commercial Real Estate Attorneys?

Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon is a law firm that houses a team of veteran lawyers.

We have a strong commercial real estate practice. Our Pensacola commercial real estate lawyers are battle-tested, having handled some of the most complex types of commercial real estate transactions and litigations. Any commercial real estate issue you are facing is one our firm’s commercial real estate attorneys are able to address.

What Does Florida Commercial Real Estate Include?

Commercial real estate is considered land or buildings used to create goods or services. Unlike residential real estate, commercial real estate operations range from small retail businesses to full-scale manufacturing plants. Commercial real estate illustrations include:

  • Multi-family/high-rise residences,
  • Office buildings,
  • Industrial properties,
  • Retail buildings,
  • Hotels/hospitality spaces,
  • Mixed use buildings, and
  • Land to develop commercial space.

Some purchase commercial real estate so that they can run businesses out of their own real estate investments. More often, commercial real estate owners rent out space to someone else.

What Transactions Do Pensacola Commercial Real Estate Lawyers Handle?

Along with the purchase of real estate for personal business use, experienced commercial real estate attorneys in Florida also deal with additional commercial real estate proceedings such as:

  • Purchase and sale agreements of large properties;
  • Purchase and disposition of real estate portfolios;
  • Property title reviews;
  • Title insurance policies reviews;
  • Real estate contracts;
  • Real estate leases; and
  • Litigation involving commercial real estate disputes.

Each is a specialized matter. All are subjects that must comply with a host of laws entangled in local ordinances, case law, and state and federal statutes. 

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Pensacola Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

Attorneys are required to be competent in any area of law they agree to address, but they don’t always have the necessary experience when they accept a case. Given the complications of commercial real estate, you should have an already accomplished Pensacola commercial real estate lawyer. They will have the training to represent your interests in a commercial real estate matter immediately, whether in or out of court.

Other attorneys may need to engage the expertise of other lawyers or do significant research to learn the area of commercial real estate, costing time and money. Florida commercial real estate law is highly complex. Generally, only commercial real estate attorneys stay continually abreast of the changes and developments. Even residential real estate lawyers may not be readily equipped to handle commercial real estate issues.

Our experienced Pensacola commercial real estate attorneys have the wisdom and competence to be your representative and steadying point through the complexities of transactions and litigation involving commercial real estate.

Are Basic Commercial Real Estate Transactions Simple?

Commercial real estate can be big business. There are always real-life examples of unfortunate deals that horribly impact individuals who try and handle commercial real estate problems themselves. There are many important reasons not to handle a commercial real estate transaction without the representation of a commercial real estate lawyer in Pensacola, FL.

Lack of Consumer Protection

Commercial real estate laws do not have the same consumer protection laws that apply to residential real estate. In fact, in 2020, Florida enacted an additional law to protect creditors’ interests in commercial real property.

If you are not a creditor and you make a mistake in a commercial real estate transaction, the courts may not be forgiving. You need a commercial real estate attorney so that costly errors are not made.

Lawsuits and Negotiations

Commercial real estate lawyers can represent you in any unexpected lawsuits or negotiation hiccups that may arrive at any point now or in the future. They understand the entire legal process of all commercial real estate transactions. They can handle every crucial legal step through the life of the process.

Commercial Real Estate Family

A seasoned Pensacola commercial real estate lawyer knows the “commercial real estate family” in the area. They can refer you to well-versed professionals as needed, such as:

  • Appraisers,
  • Title agents, 
  • Surveyors, and 
  • Commercial realtors.

Engage a Pensacola commercial real estate attorney in your dealings to ensure things are done right. They will protect your interests and address all components of the transaction or litigation fully.

Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon: Accomplished and Competent Real Estate Lawyers

Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon is a full-service law firm. We’ve been helping clients since 1913 and are dedicated to using skill, technology, and experience to meet our clients’ legal needs.

At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon we are proud that the diversity of our clients mirrors the diversity of our practice. Our clients are individuals, families, small businesses, and major corporations. Reach out to our office online for your commercial real estate needs.