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Few behaviors are more dangerous than texting while driving. Motorists engaging in this behavior are at a greater risk of causing an accident, especially as road conditions change around them.

If you have suffered injuries in a collision involving a texting driver, an experienced car accident attorney can guide you through the next steps. Recovering a monetary award in these cases is possible. The seasoned attorneys at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can help pursue compensation after texting while driving car accidents in Miramar Beach.

Why Is Texting and Driving Dangerous?

Distracted driving carries many of the same risks as impairment. Motorists who are not paying attention to the roadway might miss the signs of danger until it is too late. For example, someone looking at their phone while texting could fail to notice the stop light in front of them turning red.

To establish liability in a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove that the other driver was negligent. This typically involves gathering evidence showing that their careless or reckless actions led to the crash. Every motorist you share the road with has a duty to drive safely and responsibly. If this duty of care is breached by texting while behind the wheel, the driver could be responsible for damages stemming from a car accident in Miramar Beach.

Recoverable Damages

In Miramar Beach, if someone is operating a vehicle while texting and causes an accident, they are liable for any damages that occur. This can include compensation for financial, physical, and emotional losses, such as:

Medical Expenses

A key aspect of your personal injury claim is the cost of medical care. Any treatment resulting from a serious injury can be costly, and you deserve to be compensated when the accident was not your fault. A lawsuit can recover the cost of past and future treatments like pain management, hospitalization, surgeries, and ambulance transportation.

Lost Wages

It is common for injured individuals to miss work. However, if an accident forces you to miss weeks or months at work, it can have a dramatic impact on your financial situation. You have the right to seek monetary restitution to help you recoup lost wages.

Pain and Suffering

The pain that follows an injury can also serve as the basis for a civil claim. You deserve compensation because this suffering would not have occurred without the actions of the distracted driver. The size of the monetary awards can scale with the amount of medical bills you accrue.

Property Damage

While these cases are usually focused on physical injuries, you may also be entitled to compensation for damage to your personal property. This includes your motor vehicle—which may be deemed as a total loss after the crash—and other items like eyeglasses or tablets. A settlement can provide enough money to repair or replace the things you lost in the wreck.

Talk to a Lawyer in Miramar Beach About Texting While Driving Car Accidents

The aftermath of texting while driving car accidents in Miramar Beach can be incredibly challenging. If you were injured in a collision, now is the time to ask for help. The right legal counsel can aggressively pursue financial compensation on your behalf. Reach out to the committed attorneys at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon right away to schedule a private consultation.