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A serious physical trauma to the head can result in grave damage to the skull and brain. While traumatic brain injury can refer to many different things, the physical, psychological, and financial consequences that these injuries can inflict may leave you grappling with catastrophic losses for years to come.

It may be wise to speak to a Miramar Beach traumatic brain injury lawyer if you or loved one has suffered such an injury. One of our attorneys could help you explore what forms of financial recovery may be available, as well as the most effective means to pursue these on your behalf.

TBI Levels and Symptoms

Not all traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are alike, but each can leave the injured individual dealing with serious and potentially permanent physical or cognitive impairment. A Miramar Beach attorney could help when a TBI was caused by someone’s negligent or reckless actions. These injuries can be organized into three general categories: mild, moderate, and severe.

A mild traumatic brain injury can cause someone to pass out briefly or experience symptoms such as confusion or loss of memory. Concussions are a common form of mild traumatic brain injury. In some cases, a traumatic brain injury can degrade with time, going from moderate to severe, and placing the individual at risk of long-term disability or even death. Loss of memory that lasts for days or the loss of consciousness that persists for hours can be a sign of a worsening brain injury.

In addition to the swiftness of the treatment involved, the angle and location of the traumatic brain injury can have a significant impact on the long-term outcome for the patient. For example, a closed injury can result in serious harm to the brain, but does not involve a penetration of the skull into the gray matter. On the other hand, an open injury to the brain means that something actually punctures and passes through the skull, potentially harming the underlying tissue.

Beyond outcomes such as loss of consciousness, cognitive function, memory, impacted motor skills, and mobility, a serious brain injury can also result in secondary physical manifestations that are equally damaging. For instance, the associated nerve damage can lead to other conditions such as paralysis and even neurological diseases.

Legal Fault for Damages

When the head comes into contact with an object or otherwise suffers a forceful blow, the risk to the skull and brain matter can be severe. This can happen in a roadway accident, while playing sports, due to medical negligence, or an act of criminal violence, to name just a few situations.

Therefore, legal fault for damages in a brain damage case could lie with any number of parties, from a reckless motorist or a violent offender, to a company or property owner that fails to properly maintain their premises. A brain injury attorney in Miramar Beach could assess any individual or entity who may bear legal fault.

Monetary damages in these lawsuits can include specific losses that have a dollar value, as well as losses that are more subjective. Compensation could be included for lost wages, medical bills, diminished life enjoyment, future wage losses, pain, and suffering, and losses of companionship, emotional support, and intimacy of an injured loved one.

Get the Representation You Need With a Miramar Beach Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

People who suffer significant brain damage often find it difficult to communicate or understand others properly. A Miramar Beach traumatic brain injury lawyer could manage all aspects of your case on your behalf.

Emmanuel, Sheppard & Condon puts proven strategies to work on your behalf and holds all legally liable parties accountable to the civil court system. To find out more about getting the financial restitution you need, call now and arrange your one-on-one legal consultation.