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Construction and development are vital to Miramar Beach. These activities provide jobs and increase investment in the community. The construction process, however, can be dangerous. Despite an increased focus on safety, the nature of construction work still makes it likely to lead to accidents—some of which can have catastrophic consequences.

If someone you loved was involved in a Miramar Beach fatal construction accident, you are likely in a challenging position. Although nothing can ever replace the one you lost, our diligent construction accident attorneys at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can help you offset some of the financial costs and other damages you incurred through your loss.

Causes of Fatal Construction Accidents

Work zones and construction sites are typically busy and crowded places where many different people and companies work simultaneously. Because of this, an accident can result from any number of circumstances; however, Miramar Beach fatal construction accidents commonly result from:

  • Tools, materials, or other objects falling from a height
  • Defective or faulty tools, materials, or safety equipment
  • Exposure to toxic or hazardous chemicals or substances
  • Safety procedures that are inadequately designed or enforced
  • Accidents involving heavy machinery or large commercial vehicles
  • Electrocution, shock, or fire hazards

Identifying the underlying cause of an accident is the first step toward determining the value of a potential claim. While this can be a complex process, a skilled attorney can help investigate the accident, identify any eyewitnesses, and work with an accident reconstructionist to determine the sequence of events that led to a particular event.

Responsibility for Fatal Accidents on Construction Sites

Depending on the underlying events that lead to a fatal construction accident in Miramar Beach, several different parties could be responsible, including:

  • The general contractor hired to complete the work
  • The owner of the property where the work is occurring
  • Any subcontractor responsible for an element of the project
  • The manufacturer or developer of any tools, equipment, or materials involved in the accident

Which of these parties is liable and their relationship to the deceased person—for example, whether the deceased person was an employee of the responsible party, an unrelated party who was working on the same construction site, or simply a person passing by the construction site—can impact the type of claim a surviving family member or spouse may bring.

If the deceased person was an employee of the responsible party, then any claim will likely need to be under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law as outlined in Florida Statutes § 440.01. If, however, the deceased person was a passerby, then the deceased’s survivors will likely bring a wrongful death claim under Florida Statutes § 768.16.

The difference between these two types of claims is not semantic—it can impact the process for bringing a claim, the associated deadlines, and the damages available to any survivors. A dedicated lawyer can identify the type of claims available in your situation and help you file them within the applicable statute of limitations.

Speak With an Attorney After a Fatal Construction Accident in Miramar Beach

Any loss of a loved one is tragic. It is especially so when the loss could have been avoided if other people had only acted with more care. In addition to the emotional difficulties, such events may leave behind extensive medical costs and may reduce a family’s income due to lost wages. Although no amount of money can replace your loved one, you may not have to bear the full brunt of the financial hardships that can result after a death. A compassionate attorney who regularly handles cases involving Miramar Beach fatal construction accidents can investigate the accident, identify the responsible parties, and analyze your legal options to collect comprehensive compensation for your losses.

To learn more, schedule an initial consultation with one of our trusted legal professionals at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon today.