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A defective product can inflict terrible injuries on consumers but proving liability for this kind of harm is often no easy task. When you have sustained a personal injury because of a dangerous or defective product, you may need experienced legal assistance.

A Miramar Beach defective products lawyer could assess the circumstances surrounding your injury and help you to determine whether you have a case. An attorney could help you pursue all monetary compensation you may be entitled to from the parties responsible for the defective product.

Overview of Defective Product Claims

There are multiple types of claims that can arise when a consumer is injured by a defective product. These claims can stem from injuries caused by a wide range of products such as medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, commercial equipment, home appliances, elevators or escalators, motor vehicles, and industrial machinery, to name just a handful of examples. Defective product injuries can also occur from sources such as toys, cosmetics, and household cleaners.

However, it is not enough that a consumer suffers an injury in order to bring forward a claim for compensation. A defective product claim must be founded around an established legal theory of liability. Many of these claims are filed on the basis of strict liability, where the plaintiff does not need to prove the defendant was negligent in order to recover compensation.

The Types of Product Liability

That said, there are only a few specific circumstances in which a company can be held strictly liable when their product injures a consumer. For instance, if the product had an inherently dangerous design, was manufactured defectively, or marketed poorly, this could mean the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer could be held strictly liable.

Even if the injury did not revolve around an inherent design, manufacturing, or marketing defect, though, it may still be possible to pursue a claim if the plaintiff can show the manufacturer or retailer did not exert reasonable care and that this negligence was the proximate cause of their harm. It is best to get in touch with an attorney about any product liability claim in Miramar Beach to evaluate available legal options and determine which theory of liability may best apply.

Compensation for Defective Product Injuries

An attorney might be able to help claimants pursue a variety of compensation for defective product injuries in Miramar Beach. The physical harm that can come from a defective product can include injuries to the organs, bones, spinal cord, neck, or head, as well as burns or the ingestion of dangerous chemicals.

The available compensation could include the plaintiff’s economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages can cover costs such as hospital bills and the cost of time missed from work due to the injury. Non-economic damages are those personal losses that are not defined by a particular dollar amount, such as emotional and psychological anguish, pain, and suffering.

Reach Out to a Miramar Beach Product Liability Attorney Today

Even though multiple parties could potentially be liable in a defective product claim, it can be challenging to satisfy the legal conditions to successfully bring a personal injury case forward. We recommend that you work with an attorney from Emmanuel Sheppard and Condon who is intimately familiar with a variety of product liability laws and cases.