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Riding a motorcycle comes with many advantages. People use these vehicles as an efficient way to commute to work or travel across the state. As freeing as this experience can be, it also comes with risks. Even people who make the responsible choice to wear protective gear and follow the rules of the road may suffer catastrophic injuries because of the negligence of others. If this has happened to you, our trustworthy personal injury attorneys know how you can recover compensatory damages.

A Miramar Beach motorcycle accident lawyer can stand by your side to explain your rights under the law, investigate the cause of a crash, and demand that negligent drivers and their insurance companies provide appropriate compensation to cover your losses. Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon is your destination for respected legal advocacy.

When is Another Driver Liable for a Motorcycle Accident?

All drivers in Miramar Beach and throughout the rest of the state have an obligation under the law to protect all other people that they might encounter while behind the wheel. This means that even people who make the risky decision to ride a motorcycle without a helmet still enjoy full protection under the law. As a result, drivers who cause injuries to others must provide compensation to address their injuries.

However, receiving these payments is only possible if a rider can show that another driver was to blame for a crash. Furthermore, a person’s status as a biker has little bearing on proving fault for a collision. It is still necessary to show that another’s violation of a rule of the road or carelessness was the cause of the accident.

Florida law says that a court may assign a portion of the blame for a crash to an injured individual and reduce the award by this percentage of fault. However, as of 2023, a motorcycle rider cannot recover any amount of compensation if they were deemed more than 50 percent liable. A Miramar Beach motorcycle crash attorney could make the case that the defendant was fully liable for the incident.

Demanding Full Compensation for the Victims of Motorcycle Crashes

A driver who is at fault for an accident is liable to provide all compensation needed to cover a victim’s losses. This applies regardless of how severe a person’s injuries are, or that a driver did not intend to cause any injuries. As a result, a motorcycle accident lawyer must then show how an event has impacted a person’s life.

Due to the lack of protection offered by a motorbike, the injuries to the body in a collision are significant. These often include broken bones, road rash, separated joints, and traumatic brain injuries, especially if the rider did not wear a helmet. The first part of a demand for compensation will seek out payments to cover the medical bills that came from treating those injuries.

In addition, a comprehensive demand for payment must evaluate the other ways the event impacted a person’s life – including in the future. For many, this includes demanding payments for lost wages and property damage. For others, this involves seeking compensation for lost quality of life due to pain, suffering, and other traumas. Talking with a motorcycle crash lawyer in Miramar Beach helps them to place an accurate value on a case.

Let a Miramar Beach Motorcycle Accident Attorney Handle Your Civil Claim

Motorists in Miramar Beach have an obligation to protect all others that they may encounter while behind the wheel, including motorcyclists. Despite this fact, the law still requires you to prove fault for a collision and to show the damages that resulted from it.

A Miramar Beach motorcycle collision lawyer is ready to pursue your case. They know how to show that a defendant was the proximate cause of a crash, and demand that negligent drivers and their insurance companies provide the compensation owed. Set up a free consultation to discuss your situation.