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A spinal cord injury is one of the most catastrophic traumas a person can suffer. Spinal cord injury survivors frequently suffer permanent paralysis and loss of bodily functions, forever altering the course of their lives. They often need sophisticated mobility devices, significant home modifications, and extensive medical and therapeutic care to live independently. These expenses can easily run into the millions of dollars.

Spinal cord injury survivors and their families should not have to bear the cost of these major life disruptions on their own. When someone else’s wrongful decisions, actions, or inactions lead to you or a loved one suffering spinal damage in Pace or another Gulf Coast community, Florida law entitles you to seek compensation. A Pace spinal cord injury lawyer at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon could help. Contact our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys today to learn more.

Your Rights to Compensation for a Spinal Cord Injury

Under Florida law, you have the right to receive compensation for a spinal cord injury caused by someone else’s wrongdoing. You can pursue a claim against the party (or parties) whose misconduct led to your injury and against any insurance company that is supposed to cover your losses. No matter what type of accident or incident caused your spinal cord damage, you typically have the legal right to demand payment for:

  • Modifications to your home
  • Mobility devices and vehicle modifications
  • Your physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Support services like transportation or home care
  • Your lifetime medical care and supportive therapy
  • Your diminished quality of life and personal relationships

If someone else’s extreme or malicious actions led to your spinal cord injury, you may also have a claim for additional punitive damages, as a qualified lawyer in Pace could further explain. Additionally, if the blame for your injury falls on multiple individuals, businesses, or organizations, you can usually pursue a claim against each of them—you do not have to choose just one.

How Our Law Firm Helps Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon is an award-winning personal injury law firm serving Pace and the surrounding communities. Our team of seasoned attorneys fights to secure the maximum possible compensation for spinal cord injury survivors and their loved ones. We have the resources and know-how to take any action necessary to get you the money you deserve for your spinal cord injury.

Our proactive Pace spinal cord injury attorneys could investigate the cause of your injury, identify the party or parties responsible, and gather evidence to support a claim for payment. We could also handle all insurance-related issues on your behalf, including:

  • Evaluating insurance policies to determine if and for how much they cover your injury
  • Communicating with insurance adjusters as your representative
  • Preparing and filing insurance claims

We are also equipped to press your rights in court by filing well-supported lawsuits and going to trial to prove your case to a judge and jury. Throughout the entire process, our spinal cord injury lawyers also serve as trusted advisors, helping you make decisions that may affect your rights, finances, and future.

We understand, as well, the massive financial burden that comes with a spinal cord injury. That is why we aim to make our services affordable for anyone who needs them. We offer a free consultation for you to learn about your rights and options. In addition, we represent clients on a contingent fee basis, in which we only get paid if we get you results.

Schedule a Consultation With a Pace Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A spinal cord injury can upend your life, but it does not have to ruin it. With the help of an experienced Pace spinal cord injury lawyer, you could pursue the money you need to pay for your care and adapt to your injury.

Do not wait to seek the legal help you need. If you or a loved one sustained a spinal cord injury in Pace, contact Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon today for a free consultation with a knowledgeable legal professional who could explain your rights and options.