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Whiplash is nothing to shrug off. It is a serious injury that can lead to substantial financial problems, including medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. Not to mention any property damage to your car resulting from the car accident that caused the whiplash.

Anyone in Pace, Florida, who has experienced whiplash due to a car accident caused by the negligence of another should contact a Pace whiplash lawyer today for a free consultation. A proactive catastrophic injury attorney could help investigate your case, argue on your behalf in court, or negotiate with the insurance company for a comprehensive payout.

Accounting for Injuries and Damages

One way an experienced Pace whiplash attorney could assist is by accounting for the full range of injuries and damages associated with the whiplash. This can include ensuring the injured party receives proper medical treatment, calculating lost wages and earning potential, and compensating for pain, suffering, and emotional trauma. Note that California caps non-economic damages at $250,000.

Right after a traffic collision happens, a person does not always know the full extent of their injuries. By calling a lawyer, one could get advice on what specialists to consult and what testing to undergo to get properly treated and legally cover their bases. This information is not readily available and will depend upon a lawyer’s reasoned consideration of the facts of a case. Each case will require different proof to establish liability for a whiplash injury.

Florida Laws Relating to Whiplash

Florida Statutes § 627.736 requires drivers to carry personal injury protection insurance that covers lost wages and medical expenses, regardless of which driver was responsible for an accident. When damages exceed this coverage, the statute allows injured parties to sue the at-fault driver for additional damages.

Florida’s new statute of limitations for personal injury claims (such as whiplash claims) is two years. This is considerably less time than was previously allowed and a narrow window for completing all the tasks necessary for a successful claim. The assistance of a well-practiced whiplash lawyer in Pace could be valuable in assuring a claim is filed in time.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company

Many plaintiffs want to forgo the legal system and get a settlement with the insurance company. This is a reasonable impulse and is possible in many situations. However, trying to deal with the insurance company without legal counsel is not a good idea. The insurance companies are experienced operators and know how to negate or reduce their liability for an injury.

A skilled Pace whiplash injury attorney could handle insurance company tactics such as lowball settlement offers and leading questions for an injured person, eliminating the stress of dealing with it solo.

Contact a Pace Whiplash Attorney Today

Whiplash is painful and debilitating. The legal process can be, too—as can dealing with insurance companies. Thankfully, a seasoned Pace whiplash lawyer is available to discuss your case.

Too much is at stake to deal with the legal process or the insurance representatives on your own. Call today for a free consultation.