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One of the most dangerous aspects of construction work is demolition, tearing a building down. The method of demolition, planning, and risk management are all critical decisions that must be made instead of neglecting them for the cheapest and easiest method. Failing to think through demolishing a building often leads to accidents that can quickly turn deadly.

If you are injured during a demolition, how you are compensated for those injuries depends on your status. If you work for a construction contractor, you should be covered by mandatory workers’ compensation insurance. If you are walking by a site and debris from a demolition falls on you, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. Learn how to get compensated after you are injured in this type of construction incident by contacting a Pace demolition accident lawyer at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon.

Types of Demolitions

Failing to choose the appropriate demolition method may be the basis for a negligence lawsuit. The method chosen should be the safest way to get a particular job done.

Mechanical Demolition

Mechanical demolition is the most common method contractors use to tear down a building. Heavy machinery such as cranes and bulldozers are used, with great reliance on skilled operators, who often work at dangerous heights. Risks include building collapses, lung irritation from poisonous dust, and flying debris.

Manual Demolition

Manual demolition is done slowly, piece by piece, and by hand, usually in reverse order from how the building was constructed. This route might be chosen for a historic building to preserve components for other uses. Falling debris and toxic dust pose threats.

Implosion Demolition

Implosion demolition is usually used for large buildings in populated cities. Explosives are strategically placed so the building capsizes inward on itself in seconds instead of exploding in all directions. This method is cost-effective but must be planned well and conducted by explosive experts. Injuries can still occur if all elements are not thought out.

Injuries Incurred in Demolition Accidents

Contractors must follow impeccable safety standards to avoid accidents and injuries, but even when they do, human error affects outcomes. Some common causes of demolition errors leading to injuries are:

  • Falling debris
  • Building collapse
  • Defective heavy equipment
  • Exposure to toxins used in older buildings, such as asbestos
  • Detonating explosives improperly or prematurely while failing to secure the area
  • Fires that break out because gas and electric power were not shut off prior to a demolition

Injured parties have a right to seek comprehensive compensation to pay for medical treatment and other losses. The proactive attorneys at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can help secure these payments after a demolition accident in Pace.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury Lawsuits

Florida employers must pay for employees’ injuries sustained in workplace accidents, with very few exceptions. They invest in workers’ compensation insurance to do so. Some employers choose to self-insure, but they must be certified by the state. If you are a construction worker hurt in a demolition operation, we can help you file a workers’ compensation claim after you report your injuries to your employer.

Personal injury lawsuits are based on negligence, which occurs when the offending party owes a duty to others, breaches it, and causes an accident with injuries. Lawsuits offer a wider range of compensatory losses, such as emotional ones, but they take longer to finalize. Workers’ compensation benefits do not assign blame for accidents. Workers who opt to accept workers’ compensation benefits cannot sue their employers later. However, they can sue third parties that are also responsible for injuries after a demolition accident in Pace.

A Pace Demolition Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover

Construction site demolition accidents are usually catastrophic. A long recovery period means you will rack up hefty medical bills and lose the wages you depend on to pay your bills if you cannot work. You need an ally who will advocate for you.

Our team of attorneys at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon are well-versed in the best strategies for getting justice and fair compensation for those injured on construction sites. Call a Pace demolition accident lawyer today to discuss the details of your case.