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With few exceptions, employers in Florida must carry workers’ compensation insurance or comply with self-insurance rules. When employees are injured on the job and cannot work, workers’ compensation may pay for medical care and a portion of the wages they lose.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys could assist you in navigating this system to secure much-needed benefits. If you do not provide documentation the adjuster needs, or miss a filing deadline, you will have to rectify the mistake before you can proceed, or your claim will be denied. A Pace workers’ compensation lawyer could help you file it correctly the first time and appeal the decision if it is denied.

Not All Workers’ Compensation Cases Are Obvious

Workers’ compensation covers one-time accidents, as well as conditions that build over time and are exacerbated by the job. Workers may also be able to collect benefits if they have a pre-existing condition that worsens because of their job.

It is hard for employers to dispute benefits for one-time accidents like a scaffold collapse or a machine malfunction. For other conditions, a worker should seek guidance from an experienced attorney, because insurers and employers may argue the job was not the root cause of injuries are related to an earlier injury or illness. For instance, if someone develops a lung disease from working with asbestos for 20 years, but they also smoke, their employer may try to avert liability.

Additionally, according to Florida Statutes § 440.09(3), employees who purposely harm themselves, or are drunk or high on drugs when the accident occurs, will not be afforded benefits. It is best to consult a Pace workers’ compensation attorney to discuss the likelihood of a successful request for benefits.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

Employees are required to follow a certain procedure after a workplace injury. The rules might differ from employer to employer, but generally, an injured worker must:

  • Notify the employer within 30 days that a workplace accident has occurred, or they are diagnosed with a job-related illness
  • Get checked out by a physician authorized by the Florida’s workers’ compensation system and recommended by their employer
  • Check the mandatory breakroom ‘broken arm’ poster to learn the name of their employer’s insurer
  • Understand their rights, which are included in an informational brochure they will receive from the insurer

These steps can seem overwhelming for those who are severely injured and have no experience navigating the system. An attorney could assist with filling out documents provided by the Employee Assistance Office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Letting a Pace workers’ compensation attorney handle a claim or appeal a denial could ensure the process will be handled quickly and accurately.

Get Your Benefits With Help From a Pace Workers’ Compensation Attorney

After a work-related injury, you may be eligible for wage replacement, medical care, retraining, and disability payments if you are permanently injured.

However, you are still subject to strict rules and deadlines that can be confusing if you do not have a professional to help you. The system aims to deny fraudulent claims, but sometimes it denies valid ones, too. You must prove your injury or illness is job-related, which is more difficult if it manifests over time or is related to a pre-existing condition. Let a skilled Pace workers’ compensation lawyer help you gather the correct information and meet all deadlines so you can begin collecting your benefits.