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Getting into an accident often leaves you with more questions than answers. To help ease some of your worries, we have provided a list of frequently asked personal injury questions and their answers. These answers are meant to provide only basic information about the topics. Please don’t hesitate to contact our firm for more information. We serve people in the Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama metro regions.

I’ve been injured. Why should I hire a lawyer?

Many people make the mistake of settling with their insurance companies after an accident. Insurance companies often try to settle for much less than the full amount you deserve. By contacting a Pensacola injury lawyer, you can be sure you are receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

Are there any fees I will have to pay?

At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, there are no fees or costs unless you receive compensation from the insurance company or other responsible party. At our law firm, you never pay any legal fees or costs upfront in a personal injury or wrongful death case; fees and costs are paid out of the money received from an out-of-court settlement or a damages award at trial. If we don’t win your case, you owe nothing.

How long could my case take?

The time it takes for parties to reach a settlement depends on if they settle out of court or take the case to trial. If your insurance company offers you fair compensation right away, your case could be resolved in a matter of weeks. If the case goes to trial, it could take a year or longer to resolve your case completely. Most accident cases take some time due to your injuries and how quickly your condition improves.

Will it cost me anything if we don’t win?

At Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, P.A., we take personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. On contingency fee cases, you do not have to pay any attorneys’ fees or any costs unless we win or settle your case.

What is mediation?

Mediation is an informal process where both sides, along with their lawyers, present their cases to a certified mediator (a neutral attorney), who assists in resolving the claim. Mediation is often a successful method for encouraging insurance companies and defendants to settle. There is very little or no risk to mediation because you make the decision whether you wish to settle or continue on with a trial.

What steps should I take immediately following a car accident?

Immediately following an accident, you should exchange information with the other driver. Make sure to get his or her name, phone number and insurance provider. Don’t assume you are fine. Seek medical attention immediately if you have any reason to believe there are injuries. Take photos of the damage and any visible injuries. These photos may be used as evidence later on. Contact Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon for a free auto safety kit with detailed information on what to do after an accident

Who is going to pay my medical bills?

Even if you do not have health insurance, most Florida drivers are entitled to Florida no-fault benefits or PIP that will pay for a portion of your medical treatment arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle.  In addition, the insurance companies for the parties who were responsible for causing your injuries are ultimately responsible for paying the costs for medical care up to their policy limit.

How can I get my wages paid while I’m unable to work?

You can get your wages paid if a doctor signs a note stating your injuries prevent you from working. Depending on your injuries, you may be able to collect disability benefits from the Social Security Administration or under a private disability insurance policy.

What am I entitled to recover as a result of a car accident?

You are entitled to recover the cost to repair your car, reimbursement for medical costs associated with your injuries, compensation for pain and suffering, lost income from work and more. Please contact an attorney to learn more about recovering damages after a car accident.

Can I collect for injuries in an auto accident if the other driver does not have insurance?

You may be able collect for damages caused by a car accident with an uninsured motorist if: the accident was not your fault, you have uninsured motorist coverage, and you choose to pursue a claim.

If you have any more questions regarding your personal injury or filing a claim, please contact one of our personal injury lawyers at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon. We will carefully explain all your legal options and help you decide whether or not to settle or litigate your case.