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Every claim or lawsuit that we handle is unique. We have found that many of your questions concerning “what’s going on” can be answered by giving you a brief explanation about how we intend to handle your case.

To discuss your specific legal concerns related to a range of personal injury areas, we encourage you to contact us for a free initial personal injury consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout the greater Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama areas.

Help Us Prepare For Trial

It is true that many cases can be settled without going to court. However, through experience we have found that it is often necessary to file a lawsuit in order to get the maximum personal injury compensation you deserve. It is also true that a majority of cases are settled before the lawsuit is actually concluded at a jury trial. However, it is very important for you to realize that it is critical that your case “be prepared for trial.” There are a few things we ask you do in order to help us present your personal injury case favorably:

  1. Do not give a written or oral statement to any person who contacts you, except as authorized by your attorneys.
  2. Advise your attorneys of the name, address and telephone number of any person who contacts you about your case or accident.
  3. Save everything. Keep all bills, receipts, photographs, letters, notes, insurance policies, or police reports–anything that you think might remotely help the outcome of your case.
  4. Keep a diary of your accident and injuries.
  5. Make a list of witnesses.

Investigative Stage

The purpose of the investigative stage is to collect evidence that proves you have a case and shows the extent of your injuries. During this stage, we will take photographs showing the damage to the car, interview witnesses and doctors and gather any other evidence that will help us present your case accurately and effectively.

The Evaluation Phase – Before Suit

During this period of time, we wait for your condition to stabilize and your doctors to reach a reasonable conclusion concerning the severity of your injuries. Do not worry about your lawsuit or your claim. Just concentrate on getting well.

When you and your doctors believe that you have reached the point where your condition will not improve any further, then your Pensacola personal injury attorney will sit down with you to evaluate your case and discuss any settlement options.

Settlement Phase – Before Suit

In some cases, there is an opportunity to settle before filing a lawsuit. If your case is a candidate for pre-suit settlement, we will consult with you about the amount which we believe would be a fair settlement for your personal injury case. We will then submit a settlement proposal which includes a demand letter outlining the issues in your claim and evidence regarding the nature and extent of your injuries for the claims adjuster to consider.

Filing Suit

If your case cannot be settled initially, our legal team will file a personal injury lawsuit on your claim. The case will be assigned to a judge and the suit papers will be served on the person responsible for your injuries (defendant). We will also take the sworn testimony of the defendant(s) and the witness(es) during this stage.

The Defendant’s Medical Examination

In almost every case that involves a claim for injuries, the lawyers for the defendant will require you to submit to an examination by a doctor of the defendant’s choice to determine the extent and nature of your injuries. Whenever this procedure has been scheduled, you will be contacted and provided with information concerning how this examination is to be conducted and what you should expect.


During this stage, we will question the defendants, witnesses, medical providers and experts to determine the full extent of your injuries, your prognosis for recovery and get more information about your accident and its impact on you and your family – physically, financially and emotionally.


Since going to trial is very expensive, we often recommend mediation as a way to resolve some cases. By using mediation, both sides can express their arguments in an open conversation without the legal battle. If both sides are willing to participate, we can usually schedule mediation before filing suit or after the initial stages of litigation.

The Pretrial

A pretrial conference is held between the attorneys and the judge. We will discuss the trial and our evidence with the judge.

When you receive notification of your pretrial conference, we will tell you what information we need from you. You should send this information immediately or, if you prefer, make an appointment to drop it off at our office.

It is very important to assist us with this process because information which is not furnished at the pretrial may not be used at trial.

The Trial

During your personal injury trial, we will present evidence for your case and question witnesses. We will also continually re-evaluate your case and advise you about settlement opportunities and any offers that are made to settle your case.


At any time, the other side may present us with an offer to settle your personal injury case. We will advise you of any offers to settle your case and try to advise you as to whether the settlement should be accepted or rejected. Your case can be settled at any time from the day you first come into our office until the moment before the jury returns from deliberation. We will work closely with you concerning settlement proposals, but the final decision will still be up to you.


We want you to feel confident that we are doing everything possible to be certain not only that you win, but also that you receive the maximum compensation allowable for your personal injury under the law. At any time you have questions concerning what is happening with your case or why certain events are taking place, please do not hesitate to contact any member of your legal team.

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