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Anyone who has ever fallen asleep at an awkward angle or turned their head a little too quickly knows how debilitating even a minor injury to your neck or back can be. Unfortunately, neck and back damage caused by a traumatic accident can often be much more serious than just a pulled muscle or tweaked nerve. Sometimes, it can even be severe enough to cause permanent disability that completely alters the course of your life.

Whether you just need help covering a few unexpected medical bills or have suffered life-changing trauma, a Pace neck and back injury lawyer can help you demand fair financial recovery from the person responsible. From beginning to end of your legal proceedings, our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys at Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon can provide the support you need to enforce your rights.

When Is It Possible to Sue Over a Neck or Back Injury?

To file suit successfully over a neck or back injury, you must show through a preponderance (meaning majority) of available evidence that your injury stemmed directly from another person’s negligence. In this context, negligence is a reckless or careless violation of a duty of care. For example, the duty of all motor vehicle drivers have to follow traffic laws and look out for nearby vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

You will also need to establish that your injury was serious enough to require professional medical care. A Pace neck and back injury attorney can help collect and make effective use of information like medical records, accident scene photos, eyewitness testimony, and input from subject matter experts to establish who caused your injury and what effects your injury has had on your life.

Recovering for Short- and Long-Term Losses

Those effects of your injury are also called damages. Recovering compensation to make up for the damages you have sustained through someone else’s negligence is the primary purpose of any personal injury claim. Through a successful lawsuit or settlement demand, it is possible to recover for both economic and non-economic forms of harm you can trace directly back to your neck or back injury, including things like:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and distress
  • Lost short-term work income or long-term working ability
  • Lost quality of life and other effects of a permanent disability, if applicable
  • Personal property damage and other out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident
  • Costs of all necessary medical treatment, including future rehabilitative care, prescription pain medication, and assistive equipment

A seasoned lawyer can help identify, determine a fair financial value for, and demand compensation for all losses caused by your neck or back injury in Pace.

Consider Working With a Pace Neck and Back Injury Attorney

Neck and back injuries can interfere with your personal and professional life, and they can be expensive and inconvenient to get medical treatment for. You have a right to demand civil restitution from any person you can prove liable for causing you harm through their own negligent behavior.

Getting a favorable result from this type of civil litigation will almost always be easier with a Pace neck and back injury lawyer on your side. Call Emmanual Sheppard & Condon today to learn what our team of skilled legal professionals can do for you.